Cargo Chock - CC125®

Cargo Chock

  • suitable for coil diameters up to Ø 1.50 m
  • previously a loading deck was 4 cm thick - now only 2.5 cm
  • result = no grip - nailing is now prohibited
  • Cargo Chock - CC125 = nailing is no longer necessary
  • damage to coils and cargo deck is prevented
  • can be used repeatedly
  • economical and flexible, paper liners are not necessary
  • extensively tested and certified by Dekra Germany
Cargo Chock - load securing paper transport
Cargo Chock- CC125
Type Set Cargo Chock - CC125
Article number 6.045820
Specific application - especially for the damage-free transport of horizontal coils
- no need for nails
- works quickly, safely and efficiently
- prevents damage to the rolls and the loading deck
- in accordance with VDI-2700 - 2021
Suitable for coil diameters up to 1.5 m
Set contents CCP125 2 x Cargo Chock + 1 x Lashing
Patent number 20205546.3
In accordance with - VDI 2700
- EN 12195-1
Certificate Dekra - system = 423/3226/ 1825723331
- equipment = 226/35527/1825723331
Material Recycled polypropylene Copo
Resin Identification Code 05
Type of Lashing 50mm, length 3.7m, BS 5000 daN, certified
Resin Identification Code 01
Dimensions Cargo Chock - L x W x H +/- 380 x 120 x 180 mm
Number of sets per pallet box 60 sets
Weight per set 3.5 kg
Weight pallet (incl. pallet) 235 kg

The Cargo Chock - CC125 has not only been

extensively tested by Dekra, but also by the leading

paper mills in Europe and by Intakt

Transportberäter e.K., the consultancy for the

European paper industry

Cargo Chock - CC125

Approved and prescribed by the European paper manufacturers