Dry-Board Protector®
  • Veltkamp is engineer and manufacturer of the CPP60S® corner protector
  • support surface has no radius and is straight to prevent imprints
  • leaves no imprints, not even in plasterboard and when the tensioning strap is pulled too hard
  • for the safe and damage-free transport of board material and plasterboard in particular
  • certified by Dekra
Type CPP60S - Paper Roll Protector®
Article number 6.045830
For a bandwidth up to 60 mm
Dimensions base surface 180 x 140 mm
Side panel length 175 mm / 60 mm
Specific application Especially for damage-free transport of sheet and board material such as:
- plasterboards (Knauf, Gyproc, etc.)
- plasterboards
- Fermacel boards
- fiber boards
- floor boards
- sheet metal made of cardboard, paper, wood, glass, aluminium, steel, etc.
Important advantage Prevents damage to edges even when straps are over-tightened (more than 50 kg)
K-factor 1.9
K-factor explanation The quality of leveling of the differences in tensionforce on both sides of the load = ' K-factor ' (certified by the Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik IML-Germany)
Certificate Dekra 226/35527/703550/1828613252
Material Recycled Polypropyleen Copo
Resin Identification Code 05
Number of units per box 72
Number of boxes per pallet 25
Number of units per pallet 1800
More environmentally friendly packaging 736 pieces in a cardboard pallet box = article no. 6.045770P
Weight per unit 0.26 kg
Weight per box 18.72 kg
Weight pallet (incl. pallet) 483 kg
Tolerance dimensions 2 %
Tolerance weights 5 %

Production CPP60S

environment Veltkamp
CCP60S - Dry-Board Protector

Damage-free transport of dry board