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Support Project Logistics

Customers are often specialists in industrial packaging or seaworthy cargo securing and receive orders on a project basis. Goods must be packed on location or secured on board in a short period of time. Fast delivery of materials is necessary.

Veltkamp is not only specialized in the engineering and production of certified material for packaging and securing cargo. We also provide complete inventory management for our customers and with our modern WMS systems, the customer always has real-time insight into his stock.

Project purchasing and logistics Veltkamp BV

Project-based supply support

Based on the customer's project planning, we ensure sufficient stock of all required products. The degree of uncertainty in the relevant project planning is also taken into account. Our starting point is being available and on location on time.

Agreements can also be made about, for example, delivery times, arrival times, labeling, delivery at desired locations or direct arrival of containers.

Project support Veltkamp BV

Project Support Veltkamp BV

Veltkamp is broadly certified and distinctive in the areas of flexibility and quality. Our systems and short lines of communication with our motivated staff ensure better control of your logistics. This relieves your purchasing burden and prevents downtime and failure.

Veltkamp BV - ISO 9001
Veltkamp BV - ISO 14001
Veltkamp BV - ISO 45001

Important benefits: lower inventory costs + delivered on time + lower purchasing costs

Project support purchasing and logistics Veltkamp BV

Reliable and fast supply of projects