Veltkamp Cargo Lock Plancs
Easy and quick to lock and unlock
Type Cargo Lock Plank CLP2712
Article number 30201842
Length 2.4 to 2.7 meters
Height 120 mm
Width 30 mm
Material aluminium
Weight per unit 8 kg
Tension hooks The mounting hooks of most cargo plancs are punched from 8 mm thick sheet steel.
The mounting hook of the CLP2712 is made of 14 mm thick cast steel.
Tension spring The quality of the tension spring is of great importance to the service life of the loading racks.
The tension springs of most loading racks have a diameter of 7.5 mm.
The clamping spring of the CLP2712 is very robust and durable with a diameter of 10.5 mm and is therefore suitable for long-term use to absorb the heaviest tensile forces.
Tension spring mounting Often the problem is that the tension spring is secured with a bolt and self-locking nut.
Over time, the bolt will become more difficult to turn due to the force of the tension spring, e will wear the plastic and loosen the nut.
With the CLP2712, the tension spring is not attached with a bolt and nut, but is secured in the cast housing.
Best sold It are these advantages and the professional quality that have led to the CLP2712 being the best-selling cargo lock planc in Europe!

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